New mechanisms in the digital world

Advancing technologies are changing the rules of competition. Managing Director Matthias Weigele reports on his experiences and approaches in handling digital change.

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Interview with Managing Director Matthias Weigele

Photos: Giacinto Carlucci

The last few years have been characterized by crises and supply bottlenecks for the mechanical engineering industry. But that's not all. As Matthias Weigele, Managing Director at EWS, reports in the current cover story of the business magazine unternehmen[!], the competitive environment is changing fundamentally as a result of the digital transformation.

"In my estimation, a company will not be competing with its direct competitors in a few years' time. Rather, clusters will form in the market that compete with each other." In the future, therefore, it will no longer be a matter of simply selling products, but of entire processes. The development of these clusters has already begun, according to Matthias Weigele.

EWS is focusing on alignment with the digital transformation and is drawing opportunities from the company's high level of technological expertise. "We have a digital twin for every product." These digital twins enable realistic simulations under real conditions. But that's not all.

The company goes one step further and focuses on transparency. EWS is the only tool manufacturer to show all prices on its homepage. This innovative approach sets the company apart from the conservative mechanical engineering industry and puts customer benefits in the foreground.

In addition to digitalization, social responsibility is also an integral part of EWS' corporate philosophy. For example, EWS is involved in school partnerships and supports the "Heart for Children" association. Furthermore, in addition to sponsoring, aid campaigns also take on a high priority, such as most recently for the earthquake victims.

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