Company profile

Motion, speed and precision: This is the world of EWS.

We call it "Precision meets Motion" because we are aware of the importance of precision for the future of our customers and target markets.

The highest quality standards and the greatest commitment to the optimal execution of our products in form and function are at the heart of everything we do.

To this end, we make targeted investments in state-of-the-art production lines and develop quality assurance methods in cooperation with external institutes.

Our top performance in development and production is also guaranteed by the high level of training of our employees.



12.300 m²

Production area




From left: Pascal Weigele, Laura Stickel née Weigele, Matthias Weigele, Lisa Laidig née Weigele, Sven Weigele

Family business in third generation

We are a globally active, medium-sized family business. Our focus is on the development, production and sales of high-precision tool holders for lathes and milling machines, tool carrier systems and accessories. Since 2021, the young generation has also joined the company and has since been actively shaping the future of the EWS Group in various functions.

The best solution for complex tasks

For more than sixty years, the think tank from Uhingen has stood for quality, reliability and innovation. We started out in a small workshop and over the years have developed into the world market leader. Our standards are high and for our customers we are prepared to give our best every day. Whether mechanical engineering, the automotive industry or aerospace: we feel at home everywhere.


Matthias Weigele, Managing Director EWS

We assume social responsibility

A successful company not only has the goal of maximizing profits and increasing market share. It also has the aspiration of assuming responsibility for the world in which we all live. That is why we take targeted measures for environmental and climate protection, for the individual advancement and support of our employees, and for strengthening the community in the region. In the future, it will continue to be our goal to manage the company sustainably and to fulfill our social responsibility.






Years of experience

Milestones in the history of the company


Matthias Weigele becomes sole managing director. Frank Weigele takes over the management of WSW and the services burnishing, eroding and hardening. Entry of the next generation into the company.


60 years EWS.


EWS receives the Innovation Award of the district of Göppingen.


Foundation of Tool-Arena GmbH.


EWS China – Establishment of the EWS sales and service center in Taicang.


EWS Korea – Relocation to the new building in Changwon. 12,000 m² are now available for administration, production and development.


The new Technology and Innovation Center with 5,000 m² of production space and 250 m² for research and development is put into operation in Uhingen.


Foundation of a subsidiary in China.


Establishment of a subsidiary in Russia.


Anniversary - 50 years of EWS.

EWS Group



> 60

Trading partners

> 25.000


Production worldwide!

Wherever you produce, wherever you need our products: We are there for you.

Our network in Germany, Korea, USA, China and Turkey gives you the necessary background.


Being an entrepreneur does not just mean running a company and successfully selling competencies on the market, but also takingresponsibility for the world we live in . This involves social and societal tasks that we actively perform. For the people, for the region, for our future.


Concretely for nature

What we can do for the environment, we also want to do: With our 160 kWp photovoltaic system we generate about 155 MWh of electricity per year . This amount supplies about 45 households andthus reduces CO2 emissions by 108 tons. With our air purification system with heat recovery and the use of thermal exhaust air as well as the conversion of mechanical friction energy into heat, we have been able to reduce our gas consumption by up to 50 percent.


Heart for Children

Heart for Children Deutschland e. V. is building and supporting a new boarding school in Uganda for (orphan) children who will be given a home, education and thus the chance of a future there. The association, of which Matthias Weigele and other EWS employees are among the founding members, has set itself the goal of actively supporting the project with personal commitment and many activities. The proceeds from these events always benefit the children's village in full.


EWS Arena and FrischAuf! Göppingen

EWS is pleased to be able to set accents through the naming "EWS Arena", which is in line with the company's mission statement and shows the connection to the region. EWS and FrischAuf! Göppingen have long traditions. It is far more than just a business connection, it is a grown partnership.

Company philosophy – This is what WE stand for!

Motion, speed, precision – this is the world of EWS. We call it "Precision meets Motion". Our focus is on the satisfaction of our customers and the sustainable improvement of our products, on diverse services as well as the implementation of digital transformation. We open up to the outside world and integrate our research and developments into higher-level overall systems. We make internal processes smart and transparent.

The key to our success is our dedicated employees and their high level of training as well as the integration of external know-how. We are aware of our social responsibility and are committed to our environment, the future of coming generations and social projects at home and abroad.