Motion, speed, precision - this is the world of EWS. We call it “Precision meets Motion”, because we are aware of the importance of precision for the future of our customers and target markets.

High quality requirements and great commitment for the optimum design of our products in both form and function are the main focus of our attention. For this purpose, we systematically invest in state-of-the-art production lines and develop methods for quality assurance in cooperation with external institutions. Our top performance in development and production is backed up by the high level of training of our staff members.

Competence and reliability in our advisory services, our daily communication and project management - these are the core elements which convince our customers of our performance and services over and over again.

Facts and figures


Managing director



12.300 m²

Production space



Company history

1960 Establishment of the business at Köngen by Ernst, Gerhard and Karl Weigele: manufacturer of Laboratory appliances and supplier of hydraulic components.
1965 Extension of the premises.
1971 Purchase of the first NC lathe.
1978 International distribution.
1980 Erection of a new manufacturing shop with an office section at Köngen.
1986 Extension of the existing factory building.
1991 Gerhard Weigele becomes sole owner and managing director.
1995 Owner's sons, Frank and Matthias Weigele, become partners and managing directors.
1996 New building and relocation. 30 employees move from Köngen to Siemensstraße 18 at Uhingen.
1999 Establishment of EWS Korea.
2000 Relocation with 75 staff members to Maybachstrae at Uhingen.
2000 Establishment of EWS France.
2003 Relocation of EWS Korea to new premises.
2005 Gerhard Weigele goes into retirement.
2005 Building extension at Uhingen.
2006 Award for Innovation from the German state of Baden-Wurttemberg.
2008 Command Tooling Systems, Minnesota, becomes a new member of the EWS Group.
2009 Opening of the EWS Arena.
2010 50 years of EWS. Establishment of EWS Russia.
2011 Establishment of EWS China.
2012 Our new technology and innovation centre, with a production area of 5,000 m² and an area of 250 m² forresearch and development is initiated.
2013 Relocation of EWS Korea to new premises. For development, production and administration are provided more than 12,000 m².
2016 Establishment of Tool-Arena.
2017 Award for Innovation from the county of Göppingen.
2020 60 years of EWS.
2021 Matthias Weigele becomes sole managing director. Frank Weigele takes over the management of WSW and the services. The next Weigele generation joins the company.

EWS Group


Over 50 years of experience, 
EWS Germany

In Germany the name of EWS has been a synonym for competence and innovation for more than 60 years. Our head office in Uhingen is situated in Southern Germany (State of Baden-Württemberg):

Address: EWS Weigele GmbH & Co. KG Maybachstr. 1 D-73066 Uhingen
Telphone: +49 (0)7161 93040-10
Fax: +49 (0)7161 93040-30

WSW-Spannwerkzeuge-Vertriebs GmbH, a distributor subsidiary of the EWS Group, has been a specialised supplier of chucking tools for a long time now.

    WSW delivery program:
  • Hobbing collet feed
  • Collet milling feed
  • Milling holder fixtures
  • Universal drill feed
  • Floating toolholders
  • Collets
  • DIN 6499
  • DIN 6388
  • Collets, sealed for tools with inner cooling system
  • Collets for thread cutting, with and without length compensation
  • Pressure and draw-in collets
  • Accessories
Address: WSW Spannwerkzeuge-Vertriebs GmbH KG Maybachstr. 1 73066 Uhingen, Germany
Telephone: +49 (0)716193040-10
Telefax: +49 (0)7161 93040-30

Tool-Arena is an IT start-up founded in 2016 by EWS, based in Uhingen near Stuttgart. The online marketplace makes procurement easier than ever for the machining industry – across manufacturers, system-supported and on the same terms that manufacturers offer directly.

Address: Tool-Arena GmbH Maybachstr. 1 D-73066 Uhingen
Telephone: +49 (0)7161 6539560



Command Tooling Systems has been a member of the EWS Group since 2008. With approx. 70 employees, Command s a leading manufacturer of tools for CNC machining centres,and complements the EWS series on the growing market for turning and milling machine.

In addition to Germany and South Korea, EWS now has manufacturing capabilities and service availability in North America to better serve its customers world.

Address: Command Tooling Systems 13931 Sunfish Lake Blvd NW Ramsey, MN 55303 USA
Telephone: +1-763-576-6910
Telefax: +1-763-576-6911



EWS Korea was established in 1999. Since then, its 52 employees have been working in the areas of construction, production and sales on the Asian market. Leading machine manufacturers make use of the expertise and global network of the EWS Group for their applications and customer service.

Address: EWS Korea Co. Ltd 23-5, Paryong-Dong Changwon-si Gyeongnam-Nam Korea
Telephone: +82 55-267-8073
Telefax: +82 55-267-8061



EWS Russia started its business activities on January 1, 2011. With this step, EWS is taking account of the increasing demands of this growing market, and is looking forward to a good collaboration with its Russian col.

Address: EWS Ltd. Krassnaya str., 38 600015 Vladimir Russia
Telephone: +7-4922-541160
Telefax: +7-4922-541160



Founded in the year 2015 as an EWS subsidiary with production and marketing of tool holders for the Chinese market.

Address: Beijing East Road No.88 215400 Taicang, Jiangsu, P.R. China
Telephone: +86 512 3306 2600
Telefax: +86 512 3306 2601


EWS Turkey

Founded in the year 2021 as an EWS subsidiary with marketing of tool holders for the Turkish market.

Address: EWS Tutucu Sistemleri ve Taretleri Anonim Şirket, Aydınlı mah.Melodi No.2/19 Sk. Bilmo, San.Sit. 18-19, 34956 Tuzla / Istanbul, Turkey
Telephone: +90-216-593-22-44


Being active as an entrepreneur not only means running a company and successfully selling skills on the market, but also accepting responsibility for the world in which we live. This is linked to social tasks and functions in society which we actively pursue. For people, for the region and for our

Concretely acting for nature

We regard sustainable commercial activity and environmental protection as tasks that companies must face up to. After all, all of our futures are at stake. We're getting on with it. Here and now. Our 160 kwp photovoltaic system generates about 155 MWh electricity every year. Our 160 kWp photovoltaic system generates electricity of about 155 MWh/year, thus reducing the CO2 output by 108 tons. Our air cleaning plant has enabled us to reduce our gas consumption by up to 50 %.

Heart for Children

Heart for Children Deutschland e. V. sponsors a new Children's Village in Uganda where orphans and other children find a home, education and thus the opportunity to build their own future. The association was founded by Matthias Weigele and other EWS colleagues, and has set itself the goal of actively supporting the project through personal commitment and many fundraising activities as well as concerts at the EWS Arena. The income generated by these events is always donated entirely to the children's village. Find out more at our homepage:


EWS Arena and FrischAuf! Göppingen

EWS is delighted that the name of the "EWS Arena" enables the company to promote its activities in harmony with its mission statement, as well as showing its commitment to the region.EWS and Frisch Auf! Göppingen are linked by long tradition. It is much more than a business relationship; it has grown into a partnership, or to put it simply... Precision meets Motion!

Company Philosophy

Motion, speed, precision – this is the world of EWS. We call it "Precision meets Motion". Our focus is on the satisfaction of our customers and the sustainable improvement of our products, on various services, as well as the implementation of the digital transformation. We open up to the outside world and integrate our research and developments into higher-level overall systems. We make internal processes smart and transparent. The key to success is our dedicated staff and their high level of training, as well as the integration of external expertise. We are aware of our social responsibility and are committed to our environment, the future of subsequent generations and social projects at home and abroad.

Our customers and partners – at the centre of our work!

All of our activities are focused on our customers. We are just as competent a partner to small companies as we are to groups and conglomerates. International markets are served through reliable and knowledgeable distribution partners or the EWS Group. Personal commitment, reliability, creativity, experience and, last but not least, quality are our hallmarks. Jointly executed projects should be of significant benefit to the customer and a success for both parties.

Our service – our hallmark!

We place our expertise and experience at the disposal of our customers through skilled, personal consulting. With commitment, flexibility and creativity, we set standards in customer-focused service. We attach great importance to prompt quotation/order processing and reliable delivery capability. Our service management system represents an important milestone in what we offer: we repair all tools systems – irrespective of the manufacturer – professionally and within just a few days. Our aim is to handle any complaints and troubleshoot problems quickly, reliably and without red tape.

Our products and services – the expression of our expertise!

Our core expertise lies in developing and producing static and driven tool systems for almost all CNC lathes and turning/milling centres. Our product range extends from products compliant with defined standards to innovative customised solutions. We also offer special parts and custom-made products on an individual basis in small quantities. The spectrum of our delivery programme, combined with the data provided, sets standards worldwide. We offer our customers in the vicinity of our location in Uhingen various services in the field of metal processing as contract work. These include: induction hardening, burnishing, as well as die-sinking EDM and wire EDM. The immutable characteristics of our products and services are customer orientation, technical progress and quality. We promote technological exchange with universities and research institutions.

Our relationship with the environment – we assume social responsibility!

A successful company not only has the goal of maximising profits and increasing market shares, it also endeavours to take responsibility for the world in which we all live. We associate this with social tasks and functions in society which we actively pursue. For people in different parts of the world, for the region and in the immediate vicinity. We firmly support production in Germany, as an expression of our responsibility for the future of our children and the generations to come in our country. We see ourselves as an important member of the region in which we will continue to offer jobs and apprenticeships. The idea of environmental protection spurs us on to exceed existing regulations.

Our employees – the most important resource!

The commitment displayed by all of our workforce is the key to and an essential building block for our success. The motivation for entrepreneurial activity comes through the permanent and intensive promotion of qualifications, personal responsibility and creativity, as well as by assigning interesting tasks to each employee. We offer freedom and thus the opportunity for self-actualisation and self-development within the framework of continuous process optimisation. We offer performance-related pay, a broad-based health management system and other additional benefits for all employees. Direct discussion and debate between the executive board, management and employees is desired and encouraged both for quick solutions and a good working atmosphere. We want employees who enjoy working for and with us. In order to achieve the company's goals, the successful and timely implementation of the tasks assigned to the employees is absolutely essential. Each employee is responsible for the quality and timeliness of his or her own work, ensures optimised processes and is committed to sustainable overall improvement and corrective measures. They are obliged to comply with the legal regulations and requirements applicable to their field of work and to think and act in a cost-conscious, resource-conserving and responsible manner. Their objective is to work effectively with energy and consumables and to keep environmental compatibility in mind when procuring materials and substances.

Our growth and financial policy – solidity first and foremost!

We intend to strengthen and build on our market position. To do this, we are aiming for high-quality, long-term growth. Our financial policy is characterised by solidly built financing. This pursues the goal of maintaining the company's independence and strengthening its equity capital through an appropriate appropriation of profits.

General terms and conditions of sale and delivery (GTS)

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Download GTS (PDF)

EWS Quality Management System ISO 9001:2015

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Download ISO 9001:2015 certificate (PDF)

EWS Energy Management System ISO 50001:2018

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Download ISO 50001:2018 Zertifikat (PDF)

EWS Sustainability standards for business partners

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EWS Sustainability standards for business partners (PDF)