EWS.Multiform - polygonal drilling

Create any desired shape centrically or eccentrically

4-, 6- or 8-edge, polygon or free-form shapes with EWS.Multiform on CNC turning/milling centers

The best of both worlds!

Lack of stability, the VDI system has been increasingly associated with this fact in recent years, resulting in block tools being favored more and more, although VDI tools still offer greater variety and flexibility.

So the next step seemed obvious, to combine the best of both systems. In cooperation with DMG, the EWS ProLine system was developed to take full advantage of the potential of new lathes. EWS ProLine has a conventional VDI shank, but can optionally be fixed to the turret via four screws.

This allows the flexibility of the VDI system to be used for light machining, and the stable block-tool characteristics for heavy machining. The angular position of the radial tools is ensured via the Trifix® alignment system.

The variety of possibilities opens up a myriad of new manufacturing approaches for resourceful users. External or internal grooves can be created, external polygon edge off-center, polygons, and the palette could be continued indefinitely. It only takes a short time to find out whether a contour is feasible, and a calculation program at the manufacturer's premises checks the feasibility.


  • The profile to be machined is generated via appropriately designed cams. Standard and special designs are possible.
  • The drive is provided by the turret station for driven tools.
  • Caution: Restriction for turrets whose driven tools run permanently, since the speed is limited to 1000/min.

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