EWS modernizes and expands machinery

Aristeidis Kalagkanis, Head of Process Optimization at EWS, and DMG representative Achim Härdter at the new DMG NLX.

In the first quarter of 2022, three state-of-the-art new machines from DMG Mori reached EWS production - an NLX lathe and two NT series turning/milling centers


Heavy deliveries that promise maximum precision: EWS has expanded and modernized production in Uhingen with three new machines from DMG Mori. The investments serve to increase capacity and quality assurance. Two of the three machines were additionally equipped with automation by Ulmer Automation in order to be able to produce even more efficiently. "This will enable us to meet the high demands of our customers in the future as well," says Aristeidis Kalagkanis, Head of Process Optimization at EWS.

Efficient armor with EWS Varia VX

To optimize setup times and thus avoid downtime as far as possible, EWS equips the machines with its in-house Varia VX quick-change system. "By using the Varia system, we achieve a high degree of flexibility on the machine," says Aristeidis Kalagkanis. The twelve-station turret of the new NLX, for example, can be changed over in just five minutes.

The new NLX from DMG Mori received automation from Ulmer Automation and was equipped with Hainbuch clamping devices.

Second machine delivery this year: The new NT series turn-mill center enables simultaneous machining on five axes.

EWS also uses clamping fixtures from Hainbuch, among others, for DMG Mori's NT.

27 tons from Japan via Rotterdam directly to Uhingen: the third of three machine deliveries expected in the first quarter.

This turning-milling center of the NT series from DMG MORI is also equipped with automation.

The NT is also fully equipped with its automation and in operation.

The new NLX with automation is in operation in the meantime.

DMG representative Achim Härdter (photo right) was on site to see the new machines together with Aristeidis Kalagkanis.