EWS.TAPMATIC – Highspeed tapping head

High-speed thread cutting with reversing kinematics: The new EWS Tapmatic thread cutting head for driven tools, with its reversing kinematics, enables thread cutting processes without reversing the direction of rotation. This saves time, energy and protects the motor, and all this at a defined thread depth. The units are available for threads from M3-M12.



  • Reduction of processing time up to 50%
  • Increase in production capacity
  • Increase of the service life of the threading tool by 3 times


  • Automatic reversal of direction of rotation
  • Length compensation on tension
  • Constant cutting speed


  • Radial tapping attachments RSR
  • Cutting range M4,5-M12
  • Speed 1/min 2500 - i = 1,5:1
  • Axial tapping attachments ASR
  • Cutting range M4,5-M12
  • Speed 1/min 2500 - i = 1:1

Further information about EWS.TAPMATIC as download