EWS Burnishing

We burnish your workpieces with a fully automated CNC-controlled system using the 2-bath process.

During immersion in a highly concentrated, boiling alkaline-oxidising salt solution, a thin layer of patina forms on the ferrous surface. This dense, firmly adhering oxide layer is only approx. 1μm thick, which preserves the dimensional integrity of the workpiece.

Burnishing gives the workpiece a visually elegant deep black protective layer, which also increases the metal's resistance to corrosion. Further advantages of this protective layer are the bending and abrasion resistance as well as the temperature resistance (up to 300°C).



Almost all types of steel that need to be protected against corrosion and/or visually upgraded.​


Technical data:

  • Maximum weight: 250 Kg
  • Max. machining size: 1000mm x 400mm x 500mm (LxWxH)>
  • Machining temperature: 138-145 °C


Contact person

Beate Pfeifer

Head of Burnishing

Tel.: +49(0)7161 93040-780

Fax: +49(0)7161 93040-9478

E-Mail: beate.pfeifer@ews-tools.de

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