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EWS as an employer

For more than 50 years, EWS has been a renowned employer in the Filstal region.

Streamlined hierarchies and a friendly working environment are features of our company. Selected specialists and experts trained in-house have fostered the growth of the company over 5 decades with their expertise, motivation and commitment. As a result, we have grown into a group of companies with the highest standards of production and are regarded worldwide as one of the market leaders in our segment.

However, why not find out for yourself whether EWS would be the right choice for you?

We offer a range of different entry opportunities and all kinds of career perspectives...

  • Apprenticeshipp at EWS
  • Specialist and managerial staff
  • Vocational training course combined with studies

Contact persons

Please send us your completed application by email only.

All references to the male gender shall be deemed and construed to include all genders.