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EWS Butterfly-Seal

Ready to take off

The sealing lip is in contact at low speed

The sealing lip takes off at high speed


  • The triad of the frontal labyrinth, special sealing elastomer and pre-tensioning ring form the centrepiece of this technology
  • The labyrinth technology protects against direct contact with cooling emulsion and dirt particles
  • The speed-related lift-off function of the sealing element reduces tool heating by up to 50%
  • Thanks to the contraction effect of the sealing elastomer, the sealing lip closes off the path to the interior of the tool, ensuring maximum safety against the aspiration of emulsion in the cooling phase (Δt compensation).
  • No inlet at the tool spindle caused by friction (50% of all service cases)
  • If servicing is necessary: cheaper seal replacement instead of expensive spindle replacement


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