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EWS Polygon-Joint

Polygonal shaft-hub connection

For centuries, the keyway or spline connection was considered to be the only solution for the transmission of torques. New options in the realm of production technologies are opening up new dimensions to developers of transmission units. In its new series, EWS is using the polygonal shaft-hub connection, thereby leveraging significant technological advantages:


  • The balanced geometry reduces the imbalance of the operating spindle towards zero, which has a positive effect on the vibration of the working spindle and therefore on the surface of the component. Added to this is the improved service life of the cutter and the
    increase in the lifespan of the entire tool system.
  • The homogeneous distribution of force over the entire circumference means that up to 30% more power can be transferred with the same dimensions and the connection‘s resistance to impact and breakage increases many times over.


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