EWS Swiss Tools

EWS Swiss Tools

for STAR and CITIZEN machines.

EWS quality now available for Swiss-type lathesThis new development in driven tools is EWS's response to many customers' requests. The tool systems may appear straightforward at first sight, but their simplicity belies their performance.

The design concentrates on the mounting and the spindle concentricity. The requirement profile was developed jointly with an American medical technology company which uses very small drill bits and requires extreme concentricity properties. The spindle bearing technology used with labyrinth seals sets new standards in this field, and is associated with a long service life.

Provision has already been made for service. The service centres in Germany, China, Korea and the USA have already been trained in the system and are ready to respond without delay. Third-party brands can also be serviced there at any time.



  • High precision bearings
  • Innovative sealing technology
  • Spindle concentricity < 3μ
  • Durable construction
  • Maintanance free



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A large selection of tool holders and accessories can be found in our new online catalogue!