EWS Drillstar

The solution for multiple processing

The new EWS Drillstar offers an intelligent tool arrangement a tremendous use of the cutting tool length, in spite of a limited total tool diameter. This can be realized by using the controlled CNC-axis Y-B together with the tool spindle axis of the multi tasking machine efficiently.


Overview of features:

  • Execute 3 drill or boring operations without a tool change
  • Hole diameter 16 mm, clamping depth 3xD
  • Tool orientation 3x120o at an angle of pressure 35o, crown-shaped and Y-axis offset
  • Usable tool length 60 mm interference at 120 mm internal or external coolant supply, individually selectable

Available for the following holders:


Tool Holder

 Order no.

EWS-Capto C5               

Hole diameter Ø16                 


EWS-Capto C6

Hole diameter Ø16






Hole diameter Ø16



Hole diameter Ø20


EWS Drillstar

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