EWS will be showing these highlights at AMB 2022

EWS will be showing numerous innovations at AMB 2022 – in Hall 3 at Booth B20.

From September 13 to 17, 2022, the metalworking industry will once again meet at AMB. The international industry meeting will take place this year in Stuttgart. EWS will be there with numerous innovations - in hall 3 at booth B20..


At AMB 2022, EWS will present sophisticated products that make many processes in metalworking production easier and significantly more effective. Just in time for the start of the trade show, these innovations and all other EWS products will also be available via the newly launched e-shop – at the already familiar URL ews-tools.de. With the relaunch, EWS will offer many helpful features and services.


EWS.HPC-Line: Ceramic seal without limits

Would you rather use high speed in conjunction with low coolant pressure or high pressure at low speed? The time when a decision had to be made here is over. With the newly developed EWS.HPC-Line sealing technology, a quantum leap has been achieved. The seal set, which is based on technical ceramics, is capable of covering 70 bar at up to 12,000 1/min. Added to this is an unrestricted dry-running property.


EWS.Polygon Joint: Polygonal shaft-hub connection

For centuries, the keyway or spline connection for the transmission of torques was considered a given. The new possibilities in the field of manufacturing technologies, open up new dimensions for the developers of transmission units. In its current series, EWS relies on the polygonal shaft-hub connection and uses significant technological advantages with the EWS.Polygon-Joint.


EWS.Butterfly-Seal: Seal for maximum safety

The triad of front labyrinth, special sealing elastomer and preload ring forms the heart of this technology. The sophisticated labyrinth technology of the EWS.Butterfly Seal protects against direct contact with cooling emulsion and dirt particles. Due to the contraction effect of the sealing elastomer, the sealing lip closes the path to the mold interior and ensures maximum safety against emulsion being sucked in during the cooling phase.


EWS.Highspeed: High precision spindle bearings

The spindle bearings EWS.Highspeed are used for high-speed applications. They enable particularly high speeds. Another advantage: The EWS.Highspeed tool series only generates heat to a lesser extent, thus increasing tool life.


EWS.Varia VX: Tool change in only 20 seconds

With EWS-Varia VX, you can change tools faster than your competitors and benefit from optimum concentricity thanks to the axial, transverse force-free three-point clamping. Last but not least, you are also ahead in terms of work safety thanks to the hazard-free one-hand operation outside the cutting areas.


EWS.Coolant Management: Universally applicable coolant management

The simpler the handling, the greater the time savings. The EWS.Coolant Management makes it possible to open and close the external cooling system with just one turn. An axial and a radial version are available. EWS.Coolant Management can be used universally and the coolant flow is controllable.