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12.300 m²

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Company history

1960 Establishment of the business at Köngen by Ernst, Gerhard and Karl Weigele: manufacturer of Laboratory appliances and supplier of hydraulic components.
1965 Extension of the premises.
1971 Purchase of the first NC lathe.
1978 International distribution.
1980 Erection of a new manufacturing shop with an office section at Köngen.
1986 Extension of the existing factory building.
1991 Gerhard Weigele becomes sole owner and managing director.
1995 Owner's sons, Frank and Matthias Weigele, become partners and managing directors.
1996 New building and relocation. 30 employees move from Köngen to Siemensstraße 18 at Uhingen.
1999 Establishment of EWS Korea.
2000 Relocation with 75 staff members to Maybachstrae at Uhingen.
2000 Establishment of EWS France.
2003 Relocation of EWS Korea to new premises.
2005 Gerhard Weigele goes into retirement.
2005 Building extension at Uhingen.
2006 Award for Innovation from the German state of Baden-Wurttemberg.
2008 Command Tooling Systems, Minnesota, becomes a new member of the EWS Group.
2009 Opening of the EWS Arena.
2010 50 years of EWS. Establishment of EWS Russia.
2011 Establishment of EWS China.
2012 Our new technology and innovation centre, with a production area of 5,000 m² and an area of 250 m² forresearch and development is initiated.
2013 Relocation of EWS Korea to new premises. For development, production and administration are provided more than 12,000 m².
2016 Establishment of Tool-Arena.
2017 Award for Innovation from the county of Göppingen.
2020 60 years of EWS.
2021 Matthias Weigele becomes sole managing director. Frank Weigele takes over the management of WSW and the services. The next Weigele generation joins the company.