The new HPC-Line (High pressure ceramic) from EWS sets new standards for driven tools with axial and radial rotary unions.


Top features of the EWS.HPC-Line

High pressure: up to 70 bar

Nmax: up to 12,000 1/min

Dry running: Unrestricted

The time when you had to decide between using high speed in conjunction with low coolant pressure or high pressure at low speed is over. The newly developed EWS.HPC-Line sealing technology now represents a further quantum leap. The seal set, which is based on technical ceramics, is capable of covering 70 bar at up to 12,000 1/min. Added to this is unrestricted dry-running capability.

The running-in process in particular meant the technical knockout for many sealing systems after only a short time, because the previous seals burned out after only seconds or they hardened, which then led to failure within a very short time. The technical ceramic used in the HPC-Line has excellent dry-running properties, which was a key criterion in the developers' specifications.

Even in terms of heat generation, there is something positive to report, because the high-precision face seal causes far less heat than was the case with lip seals due to the optimized friction factor µ. In addition, the frictional force FR= µ x FN was reduced to a minimum through geometry optimization and intelligent load balancing at the sealing elements.

Available machines

  • EMAG VL2/VL3/VL4
  • OKUMA LB2000/3000
  • OKUMA LT2000
  • Sauter VDI25 (5480)
  • Sauter VDI30 (CTX)
  • Sauter VDI30 (5482)
  • Sauter VDI40 (CTX)
  • Sauter VDI40 (5482)
  • Sauter VDI50 (5480)
  • Index VDI25 (G200/ABC)
  • Index VDI30 (G300)
  • DMG/MORI VDI30 (ZT1000)
  • EMAG BMT65 (VL6)
  • EMAG VDI50 (VL5/VSC)
  • EMAG VDI40 (VTC)
  • Mazak BMT68 (QSM)
  • Mazak BMT80 (QSM)
  • Takisawa BMT40 (TS4000)

  • Takisawa BMT55 (TS4000)
  • Nakamura BMT44 (NTY3)
  • Nakamura BMT55 (TW10)
  • Okuma VDI40 (LB15/LB25)
  • Okuma BMT60 (LB4000)
  • Spinner BMT45 (TC600)
  • Biglia BMT55 (BIG1809)

EWS.HPC Line - The ceramic seal without limits

Further information about EWS.HPC-Line as download

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