EWS Product Service- Performance without compromise

Benefit from fast advice, competent contact persons and comprehensive services around our products. Highest quality, a good partnership and uncomplicated processing: That is our claim.


Repair service

If your tool holder does not perform as well as usual, our service is ready to help. The fastest possible repair minimizes downtime in your production.

  • Competent contact persons
  • Uncomplicated support
  • Highest quality

my.EWS - Service Portal

The new EWS customer portal is the digital solution for optimizing our service offering. Simple, fast and free of charge for all EWS customers.

  • Spare parts manager: guaranteed to order the right spare parts.
  • Available 24/7: the online service manager is always available for you
  • Documentation: retrieve assembly drawings and parts lists online via serial number
  • Order online: order spare parts online at your conditions

Original spare parts

  • Optimum supply ensured: Through a spare parts inventory of over one million parts.
  • More safety through original spare parts: So you can enjoy the product even after a repair
  • Well supplied even in old age: We stock numerous spare parts for older products
  • Fewer incorrect orders: Thanks to the spare parts manager in the service portal, you are always guaranteed to get what you need

Training program

If you want to get hands-on and maintain the value of your high-quality tool holders, take advantage of our comprehensive training program.

  • Where the professionals work: Training takes place directly in our assembly shop.
  • Competent contact persons: During the entire training course, you will be supervised by one of our fitters.
  • Tailored to your products: You are welcome to bring your products to the training and have them repaired on site.
  • Fair prices: You decide on the scope and duration of the training course yourself

Custom Services

Do you have very specific requirements for the service of your products? Contact us and we will provide you with exactly the service you need.

  • Flexible design: Tell us what you need
  • Customized spare parts stock: Critical spare parts available at any time
  • Plannable costs: Preparation of maintenance offers directly with the purchase of new tools
  • Rental tools: Only pay for special tooling when you need it

Rental service

Do you want to compensate bottlenecks flexibly and all that with full cost control? Do you want to save liquidity and pay for products when you earn money with them? Maybe you also want to test our products or need a special tool only temporarily?

No problem with the EWS rental service.

Here you can download our interactive forms

You have questions or suggestions?


We are happy to help when things don't run smoothly. At EWS, you have the right contact person directly on the phone, so your problem is solved quickly and you can devote yourself to other tasks.