EDM is used wherever complex geometries have to be produced with the highest precision.

Industries in which the technology is used include mechanical engineering, tool and die making, aerospace technology, medical technology, and general metalworking. The prerequisites for EDM are conductive materials such as hardened steel, titanium, carbide, or conductive high-strength ceramics.

Start hole EDM:

Start hole EDM is often used as a preparation for wire EDM, where thin and deep holes can be made even in already hardened metals.

Technical data :

  • Maximum immersion depth Z = 150mm
  • Travel x = 300mm, Y = 200mm
  • Hole diameter: from 0,5 to 3mm

Wire EDM:

Wire EDM uses a metal wire to cut a programmed contour into a workpiece. With our five wire EDM machines from Agie, we are well positioned to handle even large jobs in a short time.

Technical data :

  • Travel x = 500mm, Y = 350mm
  • Maximum Z height = 426mm
  • Ra value = 0,2 µm

Die sinking EDM:

Die sinking EDM is a process of spark erosion in which the workpiece is in a bath of dielectric, the electrode has the negative shape of the contour to be machined. When the electrode approaches the workpiece, a spark is produced at a certain distance, which removes the material without significant application of temperature.

Technical data :

  • Maximum immersion depth Z = 250mm
  • Travel x = 400mm, Y = 300mm

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