The digital twin: the real world in virtual

EWS uses the technology of the digital twin in its own production chain and will offer customers the data to customers for online export in the future.

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All properties at a glance via virtual 3D model

As one of the dominant drivers of Industry 4.0, mechanical and plant engineering is currently undergoing rapid change. Processes such as the programming of CNC-controlled machine tools or measuring machines required a great deal of time just a few years ago and were therefore very costly. Today, they are increasingly being optimized with the virtual machine (VM) or intelligent CAM software, making them significantly more efficient and process-safe.

A digital twin is the virtual 3D model of a product that represents the real world as accurately as possible. It forms the basis for the collaboration of a wide variety of systems and enables, for example, the direct readout of form and position tolerances, permissible surface roughness or the detailed simulation of entire process chains.

The digital twin at EWS

The experts at EWS successfully use the technology of the digital twin in their own production chain, among other things by attaching so-called Product Manufacturing Information (PMI) to the 3D model. In addition, EWS also makes it significantly easier for customers to simulate the machining process by providing 3D product data generated in compliance with DIN 4000.

Special machine- and workpiece-side coordinate systems are added to the model during the design phase, enabling automated, three-dimensional joining of the toolholder with tool on the turret and subsequent export of the file directly from our online platform my.EWS, which will go live at AMB 2022.

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